The Clarus Philosophy of the Consulting Appraiser

Clarus is Latin, meaning “clear” or “bright.” And in the active sense, it is to get clear. We help bring clarity to clients making complex decisions about real estate, its value, and its taxes.

Every decision is nothing more than a conflict between two or more courses of action.

  • If we buy this, what happens to taxes?
  • How do we allocate the price between real estate and goodwill?
  • Should we seek a PILOT?
  • What is the fractional interest of the decedents share?
  • What is the case law on this issue?

We are driven by the proposition that the solution to these and other vexing challenges can only be answered by asking good questions. It’s not enough to be a real estate expert. There are lots of them. One has to be curious enough to uncover the client’s ideas about what the problem is and how to solve it. An expert with an uninformed solution is a mistake you’ll have to fix later.

That’s why we are different.

– Barry J. Cunningham, CEO

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    Cloud-based Property Tax Management

    Clarus provides you with a personal, secure, cloud database, used to easily track and organize your property assets from anywhere in the world.

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    Analytics and Trend Reports

    Our systems analyze your entire portfolio, ensuring your expenditures are within regional average based upon comparable property data.

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    Forensic Valuation

    If you are getting financing and need an appraisal, call someone else. If you are in a legal dispute and really need to know what something is worth, call us. There’s a difference.


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